Recommended Bible Studies & Podcasts

Recommended Bible Studies & Podcasts

Recommended Bible Studies

Matthias Media

Matthias Media is a Sydney-based publisher that has produced solid Bible studies for many books of the Bible over the years. They also have many topical Bible studies on work, money, doctrine, overview of the Bible etc. Their Bible studies are readily available at Koorong or you can order them online via their website. is the online ministry of Matthias Media. Instead of selling physical copies of their Bible studies and books, GoThereFor utilises a subscription model. It costs $9.95 a month, but with that subscription, each group has online access to their Bible studies, video courses, and also their books. You can then download these and use it for your own small group.

The Good Book Company

The Good Book Company is a Christian publisher that started in London but has since then grown to be an international publisher. Like Matthias Media, they have produced very solid Bible studies for many books of the Bible. They also have other topical Bible studies such as prayer, Gospel-centred parenting, or marriage. You can find their studies at Koorong, or you can order them online via their website.

Recommended Podcasts

To subscribe to any of these podcasts, go to your podcast app of choice and search using the names of the podcast.

Knowing Faith
A podcast from the Village Church in Flower Mount, Texas, US. It is hosted by three people – JT English, Jen Wilkin, and Kyle Worley. The episodes alternate between discussions through a book of the Bible and a theological topic.
Mortification of Spin
Hosted by three Presbyterians – Todd Puritt, Carl Trueman, and Aimee Byrd. They typically discuss different theological topics, interview different authors, and also talk about any major news around the evangelical world.
Theology Simply Profound
Hosted by two Presbyterian ministers. The focus of this podcast is to simply explain the basics of the Christian faith for everyone.
Credo Podcast
Hosted by a Baptist scholar and author – Matthew Barrett. He often interviews other scholars on different theological topics.
The Gospel Coalition
This podcast features keynote and breakout sessions from their national, regional, and women’s conferences.
White Horse Inn
This is a podcast hosted primarily by Michael Horton. Their mission is to help Christians “what they believe” and “why they believe it” through conversational theology.