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Session 5 & 6 ( May 28-29): Eli’s Sons Disobey God (1 Samuel 4-6)

Volume 4: From Unity to Division
1 Samuel to 1 Kings

Unit 10: King Saul
Why does sin separate us from God? Because God is holy, sin has broken our relationship with God.
Key passage: Isaiah 6:5
Session 1 (June 4-5): Israel Demanded a King (1 Samuel 8-10)
Session 2 (June 11-12): God Made Saul King (1 Samuel 11)
Session 3 (June 18-19): Saul Sinned and Was Rejected (1 Samuel 13-15)
Session 4 (June 25-26)(Big Truth Session): God is Good to Judge Sin (Genesis 18)

Unit 11: King David
What is grace? Grace is when God gives us something good even when we do not deserve it.
Key passage: Ephesians 1:7-8
Session 1 (July 2-3): God Chose David to be King (1 Samuel 16)
Session 2 (July 9-10): David Fought Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
Session 3 (July 16-17): God Made a Covenant with David (2 Samuel 6-7)
Session 4 (July 23-24): David Sinned and Was Forgiven (2 Samuel 11-12)
Session 5 (July 30-31) (Big Truth Session): God is Good to Give Grace (Psalm 51)

Unit 12: King Solomon
What is mercy? Mercy is when God does not give us the punishment that we deserve. 
Key Passage: Exodus 34:6-7
Session 1 (Aug 6-7): God Gave Solomon Wisdom (1 Kings 2-3)
Session 2 (Aug 13-14): Solomon Built the Temple (1 Kings 6-9)
Session 3 (Aug 20-21): Solomon’s Sin Divided the Kingdom (1 Kings 10-12)
Session 4 (Aug 27-28) (Big Truth Session): God is Good to Give Mercy (Luke 18)

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