Local & Global Missions

Local & Global Missions

Subi Church has a strong emphasis on missions – locally, nationally and internationally. Our vision is for everyone to find a way to be involved in missions – whether it is talking to your neighbours, helping out at playgroup, going on a short term mission trip, or praying for those in mission elsewhere.

The work we do internationally is guided by our Missions Committee, which is made up of church members interested in mission work in East Africa, Papua New Guinea, Asia and other parts of the world. Our aim is to grow whole-hearted followers of Christ across the world through empowering leaders in the local churches. We partner with them in developing key leaders and helping to improve living standards.

The Missions Committee meets regularly to review the church’s mission guidelines and to consider the level of financial support for mission organisations, individual missionaries and budget requirements. Funds are also set aside for special requests by church members who would like to engaged in short term missions, and also for social action.

If you would like more information, or to find out how you can get involved in a short-term mission trip, contact Rod Cousins (office@subiacochurch.com).

Local Partnerships

Overseas Partnerships

  • Leadership Vista (East Africa)
  • Bekah (Middle East)
  • Maureen Parry (WEC, Thailand)
  • Rachel & Chad Page (Operation Moblisation)
  • Stephen Bamuleke (East Africa)
  • Hwinnie (SE Asia)
  • APPEL (Mauritius)